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    Tell me which engine oil is best for old auto?

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    Originally posted by hison
    I think the standard would be fine here, too. And what brand of car?
    I have a Honda Civic now, I don't know where to find oil.


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      Cool, thanks a lot for the detailed description. And today I was looking for something on auto-themes to read and found just a very entertaining article about the thing without which it is unrealistic to imagine a car - about the cardan shaft. Why is it needed and how to fix faults. Just in case, I want to share, you never know what can be different on the roads. Especially on our dead roads, the driveshaft constantly flies out for various reasons, cracks in the same way, and so on. It's just awful to be honest, that's why I say that it would be better to simply and without problems now turn to a professional article where it is described in detail what it is and how to fix the difficulties , here it is very well described just about how without problems you can now normally learn the information on the cardan shaft and use it later. For example, they helped me a lot, for which I am sincerely grateful. I hope that I can also help you with this case. Good luck and success!
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