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Turkish Airlines Refund Policy

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  • Turkish Airlines Refund Policy

    A detailed guide on how to claim a refund for cancelled Turkish Airlines reservation

    There was a time when cancelling reservations with an airline was considered a hectic task but, after the introduction of various online services and other alternatives, one can easily cancel their flight ticket and claim a refund. And for those who have booked flight tickets with Turkish Airlines and have no idea about the refund policy of the airline, they can check out the info provided in this article.

    Key points to keep in mind before claiming a refund from Turkish Airlines

    For those who are planning to claim a refund for their cancelled Turkish Airlines Reservations,it is required that they have details about the refund policy of the airline. So, it is suggested to the passengers to read out the listed pointers carefully to avoid any issues at the time of claiming a refund.
    • For those who have purchased refundable reservations with Turkish Airlines, they can cancel their booking within one day of the purchase to claim a full refund.
    • However, in case of non-refundable reservations, the passenger can claim a refund but a certain cancellation charge will be deducted from the refund amount.
    • But, if one cancels the non-refundable reservations within one day of the booking, then they will be offered a full refund without the deduction of any cancellation charges.

    Updates in the refund policy due to COVID-19

    As per the recent update, all the Turkish Airlines reservations booked before or during the pandemic situations can be cancelled without paying any cancellation fee. However, for confirming the same the passenger can feel free to contact the reservation department of the airline.