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    Admittedly even the best gaming chairs can, on occasion, look a bit over-the-top in their designs. Still, even these wannabe-racer designs often provide better back support than your average dining room chair or camping chair. If you've spent hours, and thousands of dollars, picking every part of an extreme gaming PC build, you should be giving your choice of gaming chair just as much consideration.

    The best gaming chair, for you and your back, will come down to several factors. If you aren't into the aesthetics of today's tall-backed gaming chairs and prefer something more traditional (often with even better ergonomics), we have recommendations for the best office chairs, too. With office and gaming chairs, different models accommodate different heights and weights, so make sure to check your fit. Look at the width and depth of the seat, too. Some chairs claim that you should be able to sit cross-legged, but that depends on your size and the length of your legs.

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    When it comes to chair design, lumbar support is vital. The first thing you should look in a new gaming chair should see if it has any have built-in support, which helps your body maintain ideal posture. Some even come with lumbar support pillows that work just as well. Multi-adjustable arm-rests, upholstery, and general style are also important, just note these features aren't cheap.

    The way you sit when gaming is probably the last thing you think about when raiding for ten hours. If you decided to invest a ton of money into getting all the best components for your gaming PC for maximum performance, why not do the same for yourself?


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      The Omega is one of the most well-made chairs we've tested. From the casters to the base, the lift mechanism, armrests, and seat back, Secretlab used some of the best materials available. The Omega has also recently been upgraded with Secretlab's 2020 series of improvements. That includes premium metal in the armrest mechanism, making it silky smooth to adjust and even more durable, and the addition of the company's ridiculously durable PU Leather 2.0.

      The chair features a high-quality, cold-cured foam to provide support. It feels a little bit firm at first, but in our testing became more comfortable after more extended gaming periods. What makes the Omega stick out from the crowd is the included velour memory foam lumbar and head pillows.

      These are so comfortable that we could smoothly fully recline the chair and take a nap if we wanted to. Though that's not a great look in the office... If you're looking to treat your body with a chair that will genuinely last, the Secretlab Omega is worth every penny.


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        That's because the Noblechairs Epic Black Edition brings its excellent material choice to the fore. Besides the wrap of vinyl/PU leather hybrid, there's markedly more metal to the Epic Black Edition compared to many gaming chairs available—even most 1337 fare on this list. The backrest lever and some of the adjustable arm rest buttons are now metal to keep them in tip-top shape for longer.

        While a little on the pricier side, this is clearly a gaming chair built to last—think of it as an investment in your prolonged comfort. You shouldn't grow tired of the black colourway thankfully, either. The same which can't be said for some of the more outlandish designs out there. Once you're working from home in five years, think back to when you thought that fire-emblazoned gaming chair was 'legit'.


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          Yeah, I Know. I want to buy a new chair for gaming soon, but my favourite one costs too much, I think. Anyway, I want to buy it. I had seen it in one video. There was a dota streamer, that boosted his account on this site and showing the result of what he got. Pretty interesting channel. So, he had an amazing chair with blue lines. I can't remember the name of this guy.