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What did you learn in high school/college?

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  • What did you learn in high school/college?

    I have been thinking about what I actually learned in high school (and before) that I use in my life now. And my question is, what did you learn in high school (really learn - could discuss it intelligently in your 20s) that has been helpful in your adult life? What did you learn that you think has just used up space in your brain?

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    I remember very little from highschool as far as education goes, but it was a very bad time for me so what I remember most of was my social standing at the time.

    At college, after taking a few years between highschool and odd jobs, i studied media and really enjoyed it. I remember most of it but it is completely useless to me now and I wish I hadn't done it.


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      I studied English Literature, it was good time