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things u hate about school

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  • things u hate about school

    alright just post some things you hate/dislike about school so others can see if they relate to you. it kinda makes things better when you know you're not the only person who feels a certain way

    1) I already know some of yall arent gonna pass this class
    uh you failed at your job???do you want a trophy????

    2) *first day of school* OKAY GUYS WE'RE ALREADY BEHIND
    idek your name????? behind on what??? what even class is this????

    3) "I can't do my part if you don't do your's"
    WE can't d our part if you don't do your's. you get paid for this, Mary. get it together.

    mmk i wanna see what you fellow students dislike about school so please tell me : )

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