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Are refillable pods for Dolce Gusto coffee machines any good?

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  • Are refillable pods for Dolce Gusto coffee machines any good?

    One of my cousins was given a Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine last Christmas but, as she doesn't drink coffee, she has kindly given it to me (she wouldn't take any money for it but we've agreed I'll give a £20 donation to a charity for her, which is nice).

    There is a mini-selection of the coffee pods with it which are nice, but I'd really like to be able to use my own ground coffee with it (not cheap but it's my weekend treat to have a big pot of coffee in bed so I've got a few different ones in my cupboard). I've also found the pods to be sweetened, which is horrible.

    I've seen refillable pods for sale online and wondered if anyone had tried them? Do they actually work? Can you recommend any good places to buy them?

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    I have bought other coffee machines in the past and they are either too messy and time-consuming or just not up to scratch.
    I liked the design of the Dolce Gusto, so thought I would give it a bash. The coffees are all delicious, the Hot choc is gorgeous and its so quick and easy to use with hardly any washing up. there is a special drip tray for the pods to sit after use so they won't leak into your bin.
    We have had three now, a couple broke due to being used on a daily basis several times a day by my partner, Pods may seem expensive to some but they are £3.30 for 8 drinks which is around the cost of 1 Starbucks and in my opinion just as good.

    With the machine, you also get a nice cappuccino cup and saucer and a lovely tall glass Latte cup. when you buy the pods, in each box is a code that is entered once registered and you save these up for extra cups, pods, etc, and just pay postage costs.


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      I must admit i never really like strong coffee, and so this machine is just superb as you can limit how much milk/coffee you like, and make it as strong or as weak as you please. Adore my dolce gusto - the coffee is superb and always hot and frothy just how it should be, and the hot chocolate is amazing too.... frothy enough to hold your mashmallows on top for a while... lol

      REally easy to use, even my little sister and cousins use it with ease and theres no danger of burning...


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        BUT also bought one from Currys at around same time on half price for my brother. this went wrong other day where had a water leak and was pumping water all out of front and was also coming out of the joints in the plastic! Took back to Currys, and said exchange no problem Thats another £50 please?????!!! Due to price increasing we had to pay difference in price. He went for a different make of coffee machine.


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          We start at the top, this is the best-known brand of all that we have contemplated in this list, and although it is not the one that has the largest variety of flavors compared to other brands, they have many sales and quite good ratings. This brand has a total of 4 flavors that would be: Cappuccino, Intense, Delicate, and decaf, which is not bad at all for being a brand external to Nestlé, in addition to claiming to be all of the best quality Italian coffee. Click here to find out more doce gusto machines.