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  • Tell me please if you know

    Hi, everyone! I am writing an article on the importance of hospices. But I am confused with palliative care and hospice. Is it the same?

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    Hello, Alisha86. Nice to read that you share the importance of hospices. Can I ask you to send me your ready article? I want to read it very much and to share it on my Instagram account.
    What about palliative and hospice care, the core of the definition of palliative care vs. hospice care matches partially, as both try to improve the patients` quality of life as much as possible. But the difference is in the stage of the illness they threat. Palliative care involves active therapy that can last a long time, sometimes for many years. Hospice care is a solution for cancer patients whose life expectancy is six months or less.


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      oh, I am not sure but I think that it is the same


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        Hi, Alisha!) I think you should find the difference on the internet) Good luck)


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          Have you tried to search for it online?