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Best value Micro Sd C10 High Speed Card

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  • Best value Micro Sd C10 High Speed Card

    Im having trouble identify which SanDisk micro sd card to buy. I know it should be class 10 but the other stuff like ihi uhi or whatever is beyond me. Which exact model card do you use?

    How many 32gb or 64gb cards do you think I need If I plan to record all my flights for 5 batteries in 4k mode?

    Im about to order some on amazon and want to make sure I get it right...

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    I want to record every single flight jic of an issue occuring i want full vid evidence plus u never know what u might see its nice to record full time if possible. Obviously i plan to transfer data from card to hard drive after each session, rinse , repeat.
    So i'll try 5 16gb cards, 2 32gb and 1 64gb for now, so I have the option to do different things if needed. Thanks for the info!


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      Another benefit to using 1 card per battery is that you can remember which battery/card it was that you recorded that poiniant moment with for easier locating of that clip later on when editing.
      I'll label the cards 1-5 along with their corresponding battery by number.

      I wish someone could answer the part of my question about which specific class 10 san disk card to buy because I know that some are made to be used with cell phone cams while others are made for high end cameras and im sure they look exactly the same to most people.


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        I'd say any C10 SD card, don't get bogged down in the minutia , but maybe only buy the infuriating blister pack ones if buying on t'internet, as I suspect there may be folk out there with a silk screen printer banging out fakes.


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          I believe class 10 is for 1080p video only. My information says you probably need UHS 1 or 3 that support higher write speeds. I went with sandisk for value and reliability. I have also found there are unsavory sellers on ebay and amazon that sell cards that are not what they appear to be so I would advise testing the card to make sure it is genuine.


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