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  • My favourite dog

    My dog ​​is very mobile and runs around the yard most of the time. I pay great attention to the choice of food for my dog ​​so that he is always full of energy and energy; I feed him Blackwood Chicken Meal & Field Pea Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food , this food is a fragrant, easily digestible food that provides excellent nutrition in each bowl. This is a daily diet made from the highest quality natural chicken protein, which provides optimal nutrition for optimal health. This food does not have corn, wheat or soy to give your dog healthy qualities without artificial flavors or toppings.
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    It is one of my dreams to have a dog in my home. But since my mom does an allowed to have a pet in my house I don’t know when this dream will come true. But I hopefully waiting for the day to buy a dog 3g repeaters