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  • Healing Heart

    To heal a broken heart
    You find someone new
    To have a friend to talk to
    Or just go for a walk

    A friend to be around
    So your not alone
    So set your mind at ease
    Just take your time

    Take it slow if you please
    Let things happen on its own
    And you might be surprised
    To find yourself smiling

    And realize you are happy
    And that pain is slowly going away
    That you feel in your heart
    You won't forget that pain

    But forgive them you will
    And will always love them
    You will move on
    Because your heart is mending

    No since in pretending
    That you don't love me to
    This love we share is true
    I know you will see it soon

    And our love will bloom
    Like a big balloon
    Rising up to the sky
    Like an airplane flying high



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    Wow, This is incredible. You are really talented in making such good poems. I am really impressed with this poem. Keep writing like this. This is very heart touching. CBD Oil for pets I became a fan of you after reading this.


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      Thank you so much. I am working on a book of my poems.