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  • First Choice

    He said we would never part
    I don't want a new start
    I don't want someone new
    I want the one I had

    I was happy not sad
    He fit the bill
    And want him still
    Without him I'm lost

    And no longer soft
    It's been right years
    Eyes still full of tears
    On my heart his stain of lies

    My life is not the same
    Because trust was broken
    And lies were told
    My heart still feels the pain

    To this very day
    It's not as bad at it was
    This pain is slowly going away
    There is a hole in my heart

    I didn't think it could be filled
    But I've met someone new
    And hope he loves me to
    Whenever he is around

    All I do is smile
    We hung out a lot
    And got real close
    He is my boy best friend

    My heart is no longer void
    Cause he filled that spot
    I never want him to leave
    In my heart he's stuck

    And hope I'm no longer lost, but found
    My love for him is true
    Cause he is my first choice
    And hope I'm his first choice to


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      Thank you