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I want to create learning through songs. Who is with me?

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  • I want to create learning through songs. Who is with me?

    Re: Remember the MOOCs? After Near-Death, They’re Booming - NY Times

    MOOCs are doing a great job of covering every aspect of education & they have a built in advantage of a bigger success of teaching as students who enroll with them want to themselves learn rather than being forced to go to school. From MOOCs to mainstream education need to fill one big gap in education that needs to be filled. Our education system is geared towards providing the expertise to earn good money. There is no universal effort to teach how to save and invest money. As a result most people in America earn good money but almost half end up without any savings let alone with any investments. Again America is an emotionally challenged country because our experts lump the brain and mind as the mind. Thus we have cutting edge mind education while brain education is not only missing, the brain is miseducated. MOOCs must note that it is brain education that generates emotional health (EH) that is the foundation of health, education, society, relationships, happiness etc. Along with short videos I have thought of adding educational songs that will teach brain education and other topics. Here are two songs that I have produced.
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    Nice desire