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  • Good business helper

    Hello there! I need to find some app that will help me check my emploees results, always need to finish all orders on time, and now already two orders could not be completed on time because some employees do not have time for the dates. Is there a suitable program to control the workflow of employees.

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    If your works are being pending try to complete it with more workers. you need to meet the deadlines. Even though some employees have no dates you will be in trouble with them, so the only option or the solution is what I have given for you.


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      If this app is really work, i'll be so *** happy..


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        Hello! I have just what you need, a very good application that just doesn’t violate any human rights and everything is fine, both for you and your employees, in general you can just as easily as you described to monitor your work office monitask and at the same time everything is done quite simply, just indicate the time of work of your subordinates and then at this time you look at what they are doing.


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          Looks useful, I'll check it out. Thanks!


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