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Dental Implants cost in Dubai

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  • Dental Implants cost in Dubai

    I have been recommended a dentist in Phuket but the old forum was closed. Could anyone please advise what procedure and timing did they take to complete the implant? My dentist here in Sydney said it's 3 months before the crown goes on. Did anyone get it done in just a few days and how did that work out?

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    My advice is get implant close to your home. I payed £3000 for 3 implants in the UK, I could not have got it done cheaper in Thailand of even Budapest which is a popular place for dental work. With the additional costs of travel and the inconvience I'm glad I had it done in the UK. As it was I had to travel from Sheffield to Brighton for the work and that 4 hour journey soon became a chore!


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      Just wanted to let everyone know that I am just back from Phuket after having the first stage of 2 implants. I went to Sea Smile in Patong beach and was extremely impressed with their level of their professionalism. I doubt if my Sydney dentist would have taken my temperature and blood pressure before surgery! I ended up needing a small bone graft at a fraction of the cost it would have been here. I will go back again in September for the 'crowns' to be made and fitted. If you are considering doing implants in Thailand - DO IT! Yes, it's about half the cost but to be honest I would prefer to have their level of expertise for this procedure irrespective of the cost. I decided on their advice to only do one side and am glad I didn't attempt more.


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        As someone who has travelled to Thailand many, many times over the past 35 years AND who works in the dental industry I think I might be able to offer an informed opinion on this topic.

        My advice to anyone considering getting dental work done in Thailand is DON'T EVEN CONSIDER IT!!!! You are putting your health, and even your life, at risk for not a huge amount of savings!