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what would you buy if won the lottery?

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  • what would you buy if won the lottery?

    first thing you guys would buy if won the lottery?

    let's say you won
    500 million

    and who would you tell ?

    what would you guys invest in?

    would you open up a family business ?

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    Oh my God !!! 500 million !!! I wish to get it to me. I have many things to buy. I will buy a Lamborghini car first. I am fond of them. Side Effects of CBD I will buy a villa next. And then a coffee shop. I must say that I love coffee.


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      I've already won the lottery. Three days ago, I bought myself a couple of boxes where you can win real things From one such box, I won Adidas sneakers that cost 200 bucks. I was more excited than ever.


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        Lotteries are the last century. A long time ago, I bought lotteries, but I never won them. I threw my money away. Now there is a new trend for easy money. This is gambling I tried my hand at it and succeeded. Slots are my little love! I want to buy a big house for my whole family. This is my big dream!


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          What would you do if you would win on a lottery? Well that is a question that everyone was thinking about at least once in their lives. When I was asked I would always say that I would invest the money, even though I know that most likely I would go on a spending spree. I have never won big in a lottery and I am not sure if it is possible, but I won some money on 4D Lotto. It is really fun to play online and you have better chances of winning. It does not require some skill, you just need a phone.
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            I think I would buy a new Porsche, and 2 houses the remaining money I would invest


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              If I won 500 million at the lottery, I wouldn't tell anyone about that, except my family, I would invest in real estate somewhere in LA, or in London because it is almost the only thing that increases in price every year, and of course, I will try to open some kind of businesses, but I am not sure in which domain. But today, the only money I have is 40$ that I had won last week on W88 in a poker game. Actually I have already spent half of them.
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