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  • Massage chairs

    What do you say about massage chairs? Does anyone have something like this? What can you say about these chairs? My mother works very hard and has a constant back pain. So I'm thinking of giving her massage chair for her birthday.

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    Yeah, I have heard about massage chairs. It is good to use the massage chairs. It will help you to get relaxed and surely it is better to use for one who is struggling with back pain. private guided tours of the louvre But you have to use it properly.


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      It's very cool that you take care of your mother, but I would still take my mother to the hospital before buying a chair like this. This massage chair helps you relax, but it does not cure something. But still, here's a link to the reviews


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        if you want to read about massage chair you will get best data here
        here you read pro and cons of using massage chair and all types of massage chair