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  • One Day Some One Told Me

    I once had someone say to me: “My mom never packs good food for me in my lunch. My life is the worst.”

    And all I said to them was: “At least you can eat food without wanting to hurt yourself for doing just that. At least you can sleep through the night without waking up because you worry that tomorrow you will end up in a mental hospital. At least you can wear short sleeves without people questioning what those scars on your arm are. At least you don’t have those scars. So tell me again that your life is the worst. Because I would gladly trade with you.”

    Sont you just hate it when people who have a darn near perfect life say that it’s the worst. Meanwhile there are people like me. Struggling to function like a normal human.

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    Yep, but there are also people who are in even worse conditions...
    I don't know, everything can be perceived through comparison.
    Just keep going.


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      Good insights Potter!

      Macros, Fayetteville towing