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  • Homeless

    Lost and feeling alone
    Don't know which way to go
    With no place to call home
    Wonder here and there

    Trying to fit in
    And few people to call friend
    With no job and no car
    Makes life very hard

    You have no place to stay
    Out in the cold with no coat
    What do you do
    And where do you go

    Shelters are downtown
    And your not even close
    To far to walk
    And don't know what bus to take

    Don't know what to do
    Or where to go
    You think you hit bottem
    Just to find you haven't

    You keep trying
    To get back on track
    But with every turn
    You have set backs

    But you keep pushing on
    Just to keep falling
    You don't give up
    And you really want to

    You pray everyday
    But they go unanswered
    You keep telling yourself you can
    But don't know if you can

    You don't want this anymore
    But find yourself stuck
    With no way out
    You want to change

    How much more can you take
    Before you really give up
    What will be the last straw
    What will break you

    You want it over
    You want to quit
    Where does it stop
    How long can you last

    You do what you have to
    And keep pushing on
    Fight for everything
    Just to keep what you got

    And hope someday
    When all is done
    And back on the right path
    You have that place to call home
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    Amazing piece of art

    I hope you have a place to call home though


    Marcos, New York


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      You have wonderfully explained the feeling of the homeless people in your poem. I like this poem very much. You are blessed with amazing writing skills. bentley oil change near me Try to publish this poem in any magazines or somewhere else. All the best.


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        This is a nice poem, thank you for sharing. Real estate is not a cheap thing to buy, I guess it all depends on location. Prices in Cambodia are different from Cannes property prices. So if you work hard you can afford a property.


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          Thank you