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  • Windows installation

    Is it hard to install and activate Windows at home?

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    I don't know about installation, because my friend helped me to do it, but the activation isn't hard. I used to have Windows 7 and wanted a new version. I decided to install Windows 8 and to activate it my friend advised me to DOWNLOAD ACTIVATOR KMSPICO FOR WINDOWS 8. It's a free activator, and it works great, and now I have access to all benefits and features of my OS for free. What is more, KMSPico creates its server, from which activate an OS, so Windows server won't detect that you didn't use the original key. Besides, it works well even with Office 365, so you don't have to spend any money to unlock all the benefits of Windows.


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      nope, follow tutorilas on


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        No. It is somewhat easy. But sometimes we feel difficulty. We have to follow many steps for installing Windows. If you have no idea about it, then it is better to do it from the service centre. chrome crashes Choose a better option before doing it.