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  • Admin approve or disable new registrations

    Every time I look at some new posts in certain threads, there's always either a spammer or someone going way off topic. I know I've brought up the issue about spambots here before but, it seems that every new member is this and something needs to be done. I would suggest admin approval or disabling new registrations for the time being (and with admin approval, you can review a new person's IP address and email so that they are "clean", and you can use StopForumSpam for reference).

    Thought I'd get this off my chest, as I've meaning to for a while.

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    good idea.


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      I wonder if the staff had seen this since I brought up the issue like three months ago. As of this writing, more of these slapheads have surfaced. I swear to god I think I've seen more junk in Vietnamese rather than poetry being posted.


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        I, too, have reached out to the admins - quite awhile ago I admit, but it would be nice to see the list cleaned up for sure. Thanks for trying again.


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          Nice idea