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    What do you think about popular fashion trends? What is your favorite?

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    Hey, Danny. Today's fashion is extraordinary for me. Sometimes, when I go somewhere, I can see people wearing such strange clothes, so I can't even imagine where did they find it. Sometimes, a combination of different pieces of clothes makes me shocked. I prefer wearing simple clothes. Of course, I always read about popular trends, but I try to wear what I like, but still look trendy. I like most retro clothes because I like the style form the 1980 years. So, if you want ferns and old computer monitors and remember what Windows 95 is, then visit and believe me, you'll like it. What is more, everything is made from cotton and other good quality materials, so you'll not only look stylish but also feel very comfortable.
    P.S. Look at the T-shirt I bought it there, isn't it cool?



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      I like designer clothing personally. Polo Ralph Lauren is a favorite of mine, but Gucci, Versace, Micheal Kors, and Moschino are cool too. Just depends on your budget and what ya wanna look like imo. Also for guys I dislike skinny jeans and prefer baggy-ish clothes lol. Oh and pink is cool for occasions on a guy, but im not too fancy on a guy who wears pink. Just my opinion tho.


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        Its nice T-shirt. Good design and nice color.


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          I am very interested in the shop all the latest trends of dress that are available in the market. I love to follow the new fashion looks. That is very diamond sizes and settings interesting to me. I always love to buy a dress that is different and trendy.


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            It is comfortable and easy to wear t-shirts. I have seen the images of a good shirt form here Hostsailor. I liked the design of it. It is good to see the image of the system in the shirt. How can i get it? What is the price of this one?


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              Sometimes, a combination of different pieces of clothes makes me shocked.