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  • Blueprints

    Has anyone worked with blueprints? I'm looking for car, guns, ships blueprint, but they have to be easy to modify. I'll really appreciate any recommendations where to find them.

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    I've worked once with such a thing, and it seems to that they are all can be modified, and it doen't matter where to get them.They all are almost similar


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      I develop mobile games(car racing) and from my experience can say that you have to put so many efforts and spend so much time to create something good. Some people prefer to cheat somewhere(in code, in a design), but players see everything, and hard work always pays off. My secret is the usage of car blueprint. I don't draw them, and I buy them here - There are many of them to choose from, and you can edit everything, you could move and paint vehicle parts or change it from black plastic to metallic or select between glasses and panels. Separate layers
      for body, parts, windows, wheels, lights, etc. are also provided. To say shortly, it's a life savior for game designers, because it helps to create something good, what people will like.


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        I do not know about it before