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  • One You Trusted

    Betrayed after all the years
    Because of the one you trusted
    He found a slut and cheated
    And left without regret

    Your heart full of pain
    Your head in a haze
    How to win him back
    With dreams torn apart

    No family or friends to turn to
    No shoulder to cry on
    And no one to talk to
    Alone in your head

    Your home empty and cold
    No one cares your alone
    You sit and cry
    And cry for days

    The tears won't stop
    You cry in your sleep
    And you barely eat
    It's more than you can bare

    Your hurt to the soul
    Your neither here or there
    Your in a zone
    How can you move on

    Your love is gone
    In an empty home
    And no place to go
    Who can you trust

    With your life shattered
    And your heart broken
    And dreams lost
    With no place to start

    Because of the one you trusted

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    Oh, That was a fantastic poem !!! You have got some extra skills in writing the poems. see this here This poem is very heart touching and it remembers me about my lost love. It was my first love and I can't forget it.


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      Thank you for sharing!


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        Your welcome