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  • I love Music !

    Do you like minimal music? Can you recommend a good site with such music?

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    Now I don’t listen to such music. Probably matured for her already. But I used to take tracks on


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      Good afternoon. I like different music. I can’t say that I like only one particular genre of music. I listen to music on this resource: I like to listen to music when I travel by public transport or when I am on a long journey. This connects some points in my life.


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        If it fits a certain mood... You can check Spotify or 8tracks. There are a lot of music playlists sorted by situations and genres. I am sure you'll find lots of great minimal music there, too.


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          Hello, Please keep in mind you can download only copyright-free music for free unless the copyright proprietors allow free downloading of their stuff. The website SevenSkiesMusic that supply bespoke music to be downloaded to get free!
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            Anything that composes a pleasant, tuneful, melodious indeed is good. I love music. more information Thanks for sharing this piece of data. The suggestions are very enlightening. The features are explained very efficiently and can be easily retained.