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The Battle for the Last Post: Mission RhymeZone Emmys!

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      I tried logging on last night and had the hardest time, it kept saying I was locked out, I ended registering again and was still locked out.

      I was in writing mode last night and needed a synonym.... ,😁😁😁 I knew where I had to go. I just saw the message asking me to come back, never got a notification, but I'm so glad to be able to comment and see CC and Rhymelovingwriter


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        Also Emmy got married?? Cool, I hope she comes back to update is all


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          Looks like I need to spend some time moderating. . .


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            Also, I've totally relocated to Tennessee


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              Originally posted by Emmy View Post
              Oh, you beautiful people. I have no idea if anyone has post notifications on, and no idea if anyone will see this, given it's been over a year since the last post in this topic (and over 2 years since mine!)

              My apologies for dropping off the face of the earth--life and other things, you know? Rest assured I think of you all often, and wonder how everyone is doing.

              I DID get married, in October 2018! Got the crazy mother-in-law stories to boot, too. And in also exciting news, we're expecting our first child in November, a baby girl!

              Anyway, if any one of you stumbles across this, I hope you're well. I hope you're staying safe and sane in the absolutely batshit times we're living in. I'll check back from time to time, just in case.

              Sending my love to you all through the universe,

              Emmy, the long-lost moderator <3
              Congratulations Emmy!! x2
              Hopefully you visit. I feel like we've all come back here at different times. I'm going to try and check back more often. I miss you guys.


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                Welcome back Catz . Yes, things have changed and SPAM sanitation is a constant battle.


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                  Hello hello!! Hope you all are doing well, and are safe and happy and healthy!

                  My baby girl will be SIX MONTHS OLD next week, which is WILD. She's gone from a perpetually grumpy potato to a whole dang tiny human.

                  Also lots of craziness on the mother-in-law front...still trying to process that. Thank goodness for therapy.

                  I'll check back in soon! <3


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                    Hi Emmy! So cool to see you back, even for just a post. 6 months old, wow!


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