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The Battle for the Last Post: Mission RhymeZone Emmys!

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  • Muttado1sb
    ln re-reading the rules that I copied from all the previous contests it says that I can edit posts. That isn’t true. Emmy or another moderator usually starts and runs these contests. But I am not a moderator. But other actual moderators can edit posts like it says, so I’m not changing it.
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  • Muttado1sb
    I hope she did, or the comments about her wedding dress are rather odd.

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  • Electron.John
    Emmy got married?! I am so far behind with what is going on. Hope she returns soon so I can win this one.

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  • Johnyr
    Congratulations to Emmy! Keep it up!
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  • Muttado1sb
    And let’s get this above the fashionista spamista’s posts where someone might see it.
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  • Muttado1sb
    And though Emmy won the last contest that turned out to be the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything, as well as a few others, let's go to infinity and beyond (yes, mix those media references). I say why be nice and wait for her to come back to play with a chance to win again but rather let's have a contest where her only play is to end the game.

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  • Muttado1sb
    At some point, however, the honeymoon will come to an end. Sometime after that, being the prolific poster she was to RhymeZone contests, we can expect her to be back posting again.

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  • Muttado1sb
    The last we heard Emmy was running off to get married. Congratulations to her if she actually went through with it.

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  • The Battle for the Last Post: Mission RhymeZone Emmys!

    Congratulations to Emmy on her victory in Mission: March Madness!

    Here are the rules:
    1. You may not make more than five consecutive posts.
    2. The person with the last post before Emmy returns and posts in this thread will be declared the winner.
    3. No posts shall be physically threatening.
    4. No posts shall reveal someone's home address or telephone number.
    5. No posts should be profane or abusive without any redeeming content at all, like a message that is just a string of profanity.
    6. Any incoherent commercial advertisement/"spam" posting is not allowed.
    7. No posts shall contain pornographic/adult situation materials. This includes any sort of foreplay/teasing. Remember: The Rhymezone forum is intended to be a PG-13 environment.
    8. Be as incoherently random as you want in the posts!
    9. No one is to intentionally, or "accidentally" delete posts to 'win' the post number.
    10. There will be NO creating secondary accounts/posting as guests in order to award yourself extra posts to claim the winning post number.
    11. Posts containing quotations will not contain more than three quotes.
    12. If your post is edited by me or any Moderator, you're not allowed to re-edit the post back to what it was.
    13. DON'T PANIC and drink a lot of water.

    Any post which violates any of those rules will be deleted as soon as possible.

    Remember to please follow the rules. We're all here to have fun, and to post the randomness of what happened throughout the day. This is to prevent the countless number of "OMG! Guess what happened to me!" topics.

    Here is the list of the previous winners:

    Mission ------> Winner(s)
    01 -----> CAR's (ChrisW - AKA StarryNight, AcidTrip, Rachj79)
    02 -----> Joe Bobbo for BAD (Bobbo, AngelGurl, Doofusbrain)
    03 -----> Belle Ringer for WeB (Weedy, Electron.John, Belle Ringer)
    04 -----> KingKongus, Tyrannus (AKA Beavarius)
    05 -----> Lioness
    06 -----> AcidTrip
    07 -----> AcidTrip
    08 -----> AngelGurl
    09 -----> Lioness
    10 -----> Ogsta101 (30 page winner), Emmy: Anti-Social Extraordinaire (25 page winner)
    11 -----> CeramicCornflake (Page 50 winner), Veromorphia (Page 25 winner)
    12 -----> Emmy:Anti-Social Extraordinaire for Team EL (Page 75 winner), Electron.John (page 50 winner), Veromorphia (page 25 winner)
    13 -----> Emmy Superlative (page 85 winner)
    14 -----> Reflection of Missed Interpretation (page 25 winner)
    15 -----> Emmy Superlative (surprise page 55 winner)
    16 -----> lingerinsilence (page 30 winner)
    17 -----> CeramicCornflake (Page 26 winner)
    18 -----> RoMI (Page 15 winner)
    19 -----> lingerinsilence (Page 19 winner)
    20 -----> Willa Willow (page 100)
    21 -----> AngelGurl (Page 20 winner)
    22 -----> AngelGurl (Page 20 winner)
    23 -----> Willa Willow (page 23 winner)
    24 -----> AcidTrip (page 50 winner)
    25 -----> Catz77 (page 12 winner)
    26 -----> Willa Willow (page 10 winner)
    27 -----> Angelgurl (page 10 winner)
    28 -----> AcidTrip (page 20 winner)
    29 -----> Emmy. (last post of page 40 winner)
    30 -----> Catz77 (page 69 winner)
    31 -----> CeramicCornflake (page 13 winner)
    32 -----> CeramicCornflake (page 23 winner)
    33 -----> Emmy. (Page 17 winner)
    34 -----> Emmy (Page 3 winner) Mission Goodbye PZ
    35 -----> Catz (200 post winner) Mission Reborn!
    36 -----> Joe Bobbo (1000th post winner) Millennium Edition!
    37 -----> CeramicCornflake (200th post winner) Bicentennial Edition!
    38 -----> Emmy (300th post winner) Tricentennial Edition!
    39 -----> CeramicCornflake (525th post winner) Mission Joystick Prayer
    40 -----> BiocideJ (last post on 9/30/16 winner) Mission Septemberfest
    41 -----> Muttado1sb (429th post winner) Mission Bananarama
    42 -----> Emmy (last post by 11:59pm (CST) on March 31, 2018) Mission March Madness!

    May the odds be ever in your favor...
    Last edited by Muttado1sb; 12-07-2018, 09:05 PM.