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Writer's block is real!

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  • Writer's block is real!

    I'm a passionate writer and I've been writing about everything and anything since I was young. Lately, I've been experiencing writer's block and I lose an hour or so or even more just from looking at a blank space. I am totally devasted every time I go blank and I wonder if you have experienced something like this. If you did, how did you overcome it?

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    Hi Anne,

    I've not experienced anything quite as rough as you describe, but I have had many moments when thoughts seem slow to come to me. One thing that helps to sort of break the word-jamb in my mind is to just start typing. Anything and everything that comes to mind. I'll look around the room or out the window and describe things in as much detail as I can. Or, I go for a walk (if I'm able) and let the elements revive me. If it's too hot or cold for that, I at least get up and do some stretching. Too much sitting in the same place rarely inspires me.

    Have you tried visiting some poetry or writing sites that provide prompts? Maybe writing a short bit using a prompt will jog something else for you? I've also read that if you write prose usually, try poetry, and if you write poetry usually, try some short prose. Anything to mix it up, but get words on a page.

    Maybe these ideas all sound like a waste of time - I'm certainly not the most experienced writer in the zone - but something seems better than nothing.

    Let us know what you try and/or if anything different has already worked for you.

    RhymeLovingWriter (AKA Paula)


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      Must be really tough for you. I have not experienced anything like this, but I hope you get better soon


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        You know some great sites? I'd be delighted to check out some. I've done some poetry in my younger days but recently I write articles for work. It really disturbs me to be experiencing this. I even got into an online anxiety forum when I read about it here They told me maybe I had personal issues. The only personal issue I have right now is my sick dog. Other than that, I can't think of anything.

        Do you think I should see my doctor?


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          I'm not qualified to give you any medical advice - don't know if anyone else here is either. As far as personal issues - don't we all have something? Write about your sick dog then - use what you have. Good luck.


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            Originally posted by Akanthie View Post
            Must be really tough for you. I have not experienced anything like this, but I hope you get better soon
            Thank you, Akanthie and RhymeLovingWriter.


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              Myself i can start something then my mind will go into like a blank mode. I have the words in my head. But just don't know how express it. Sometimes this can last anything between a day or years. In the end i decided just go with the whole situation. If you have a idea jolt it down. Even if it does sound stupid or ridiculous. These ideas will proberly be your best.
              All the best.