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  • I don't understand

    I cannot comprehend hate.
    Perhaps I am too obtuse.
    I understand hateful behavior born of an unplanned moment. You piss me off, I respond hatefully. That I get.
    Difference of opinion , I get that.
    I personally understand fear and feeling threatened.
    It is the planned and nurtured hate that eludes me, the why of it, the hate toward strangers, who have never had the opportunity to treat me hatefully.
    Perhaps you understand. If you do please explain it to me

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    I don't understand, but think it's fear and ignorance. No excuse, but it's all I can imagine. Sad.


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      I don't understand either


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        Hate is a very strong feeling. I suppose it has something to do with the psychological issues of a person, so-called projection. What I mean is that you can't feel irritated by what other people do or say if you don't have the same feature in yourself. If I hate people who are always late for meetings, it might mean I also hate it about myself. In other words, you would not notice something that makes you feel hatred if this something was not a part of you as well.

        But I might be wrong.
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