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Poetry Contest 2017?

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  • Poetry Contest 2017?

    Hi All,

    I've been wondering if RhymeZone will be hosting a Poetry Contest for 2017? I know for myself, it's always a shot in the arm to work harder at creating some quality works, so this contest is always appreciated!


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    Hi, pipersfancy! It's good to see you! How is everything?!


    • pipersfancy
      pipersfancy commented
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      Hey there, my friend! Well, I've been keeping busy, for sure! Had some health issues that began 'round this time last year and it has taken the better part of a year to start feeling like myself again. So, I actually cut back on my work schedule (the traveling up north, that is) and that helps add a bit of balance to life. Looking forward to a break from winter in a couple of weeks—I'll be going to Mexico for 10 days with a friend of mine who has a timeshare there. And, I continue to plug along on the never-ending novel project I began 5 years ago... (Cripes! The damn thing better be a Pulitzer Prize winner by the time I get done with it! Had a couple of poems published over the summer, so feeling good about that. But, I'm really needing a goal to motivate me into some new writing... that's why I'm wondering about the 2017 Poetry Contest. Have you heard if RhymeZone is having one this year?

      And, what's new in your corner of the world?

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    Pipersfancy, how good to see you! I second the motion, that is why I logged on. You just HAD to be the first one to ask that question. Hey MASTER, how about it? and while we are at it, what about THIS for an idea for a contest? "QUESTIONS ANYONE?"... that should be broad enough eh? And Piper, thanks for all your encouragement last year. BTW, I have some poetry posted at kenlock153.wordpress, for what its worth.


    • Kenlock153
      Kenlock153 commented
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      I was surfing this forum, with my mouth full of food
      Don’t try to talk that way, it may do you no good
      Because listen to this folks, I’ve got to tell you the truth
      Talking to my wife, I sounded so uncouth

      I had noticed Piper’s Fancy had enquired of the Master
      Is there going to be another concert, will the prize be Alabaster
      (not really that’s not what I said: I was only really kidding)
      I just had to add Alabaster fro rhyming, which is so fitting.

      Anyway I told my wife I was enquiring about the contest
      And I had my mouth of food, and trying to talk my best
      I told her I was reading up about all things poetry
      And she said what was that you just said about poultry.

      So the moral of this hastily written poem don’t you see
      Be careful about eating when you are talking poetry
      Because you may be disqualified as somewhat of a nitwit
      To come up with a decent rhyme that simply will not fit.

      © February 25, 2017 Kenneth B. JR, Lockhart
      Awe shucks!

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    Hi, Kenlock153! Very clever!

    Hi, pipersfancy! I see I inadvertently neglected to respond to your post!

    I do have exciting things going on. I recently self-published a book of poetry, Notes from a Commode - Volume I, which you can find on, many of my tanka and haiku have been accepted for publication in various literary journals, I just started putting together my second book of poetry, aptly named Notes from a Commode - Volume II, and on March 1 will launch a very exciting project with collaborators. Keep your eye on this page March 1 and you will see. Perhaps, my project can give you a new, exciting direction to try. I am sure you would be masterful!

    Best, MHenry


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      I was unaware of your recent exploits!
      Just ordered the book.

      By the way, the title is sooo you!!


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        Dwayne! Good to see you! Thank you for ordering my book! One of the few stalwarts! Yes, the title goes way back to my early days of dementia and has stuck with me all these years! It is apt in more ways than one! I hope you enjoy it.


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          I have sent Doug (the site owner) an email asking him about a 2017 contest. Will let you know what his plans are. I know it is a bit of work on his end getting judges lined up and everything but if he has the time I am he will do it.


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            OK I just got the word from Doug. There will be another poetry contest this year but it will be in the fall (exact dates not yet set). There will be a topic but I don't know what it is yet, although I would guess it is not going to be one that has already been used. How helpful is that?


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              nice idea about the contest


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                Oh wow - I just now saw this! Exciting news for sure, as I was wondering the same thing back in January. Thanks for checking into it Electron.John.


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                  If you use twitter Doug Beeferman, the owner of this site, does little contests for mugs and magnets, etc. there. Here is a link: