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Won a Poetry Competition in School

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  • Won a Poetry Competition in School

    I'm so happy when my daughter was awarded in school again for poetry writing. It is her 4th times of winning. She indeed work hard for it maybe because I promised that I will give her a car. She is also graduating this year in college. Maybe, a second hand only or a new one if I will get approved of a loan? I just hope, I'll get approved. Any advice about any other gifts aside from a car?

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    Congrats to your daughter! I would think twice about getting a new car though. I hear from a number of sources that buying a certified pre-owned car can be a much better value. I would suggest doing some research on the topic. I know it is nice getting a brand new car but it loses so much value as soon as you drive it off the lot that don't think it is worth it especially if you have to go into debt to buy it.


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      I have some money saved up that I can use to pay part of the purchase. And a pre-owned car sounds good. I just wonder if I can get an auto loan for it. If not too bad since California Coast has really good rates.
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