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  • Christopher123
    Writing is a mentally challenging job where writers have to create works full of meaning, purpose, and nobility.Sometimes we won't be able to move to the next level.Writer's Block sounds so dreadful,a condition which results into creative blockage.Our brain may be on overload or just bored.Lots of writers stops their projects at this stage thinking that they have lost the juice they needed to keep going.Instead of feeling like a failed writer, be patient until the situation changes.You will be able to do it.I have experienced it many times.I just overcome it.I usually go for a walk, or listen to the music or read the books.

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  • iWill
    Oh yes, this feeling is too familiar. Guess for me it's more of a natural state of mind, because nice things rarely come easily to me

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  • akshara
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  • Gotta_Smile
    Revised for easier reading!

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  • Gotta_Smile
    started a topic Writers Block - Creative Writing Column

    Writers Block - Creative Writing Column

    This is a column that I wrote, yet, I think all writers have experienced this!

    This is it, the zero hour, and it happened:
    The final sixty minutes when the newspaper deadline is looming, standing behind you,
    looking over your shoulder, anticipating the scribbling of the first word.

    Consequently, sitting motionless, except for an occasional tap of the pen,
    a white sheet of paper lined in light blue appears before you. No words written to grace its front.
    The thoughts to be transformed into words have vanished, without a trace of an idea.

    Still sitting, suddenly the silence is deafening.
    The occasional tap of the pen echoes as if it were the pounding of a huge bass drum.
    The clock on the wall ticks, keeping time between beats.
    Beads of perspiration begin to accumulate on your forehead, glistening from the dull glow of the lamplight.
    Thoughts that once disappeared have returned, yet, there is no nurturing of an idea, no seed has been planted.
    The paper a virgin white, is a beacon in the darkness of the room.
    There are no words to provide a contrast to its surface.

    Meanwhile, in addition to the tapping of the pen, the ticking of the clock, and the deafening silence,
    the pulse of your heartbeat is increasing.
    Admittedly, no one can help. Only your words will be some salvation, for you are the writer.
    Words, born from the seed of your thoughts, ideas, feelings. These nouns and verbs are the windows of expression.
    Thus, the fact remains, at this last hour, they have escaped you.

    It has happened, what every writer fears…WRITER’S BLOCK
    that moment when the words don’t come, and you have nothing to write.

    Finally, a thought surfaces, an idea is born, the words are scribbled on the paper…and the column is finished!

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