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  • a new solitare card game

    hello everybody, here is a card game I have created myself. I hope you enjoy this unique fun version of solitaire.

    You will need:
    2 dice
    2 packs of playing cards with jokers included (Jokers are wild cards of their colour)
    Basic mathematical skills

    Aim: Is to get highest score possible

    1. First, to set the starting score, roll the two dice and make a note of total of the two dice as the score.
    2. shuffle the two packs of cards separately. deal the cards of one pack into 7 piles face down in a line, turning the top cards face up. deal 7 cards from the other pile face up so it creates a "window" of cards.

    3. To your right is the positive scores moving from 1 (nearest) to 3 (furthest) the middle pile is zero at all times.
    4. To your left is the negative scores from minus 1 (closest) to minus 3 (most distant).
    5. The ranking of the suits is spade (lowest) to hearts (highest).
    6. To score, pair up (number wise) a card from one of the seven piles to one of the seven cards in the window. The cards in the 7 piles must be higher or same suit as the matching card on the window, therefore you will find hearts in the window become a nuisance. after pairing, always replenish the two piles by dealing/turning the topmost card over.
    7. If the pair is identical, except for aces, square the number to score keeping it negative if it is on the negative piles. 9 points for a king, 4 for a queen and 1 for a jack.
    8. If you have a pair of aces, they set the score automatically to 25, 50,75 or 100 depending on how high ranking the higher suit is used. It is advisable to discard immediately if they appear on the negative side, as effectively you will automatically lose.
    8. If you cannot go, get rid of the window into a waste pile and deal another seven cards and try again. you can do this voluntarily twice: if you choose to do this roll the dice. Minus the total of the numbers shown on the dice and get rid of the window into a separate pile from the involuntarily waste pile.
    9. When the window pile runs out reshuffle any that have been involuntarily discarded and continue until no pairs can be made.

    When the game ends..

    !. When your score drops below zero>
    2. When there are no more possible matches.
    3. When all of the cards are used.

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    I think this new one is much complicated than the traditional one. I still do my traditional solitaire once in awhile and still enjoy it.


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