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What does your name meaning and origin?

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  • What does your name meaning and origin?

    Hello friends lets start a game . Tell your name and than next person hast to give his name or any place name on the last letter of name. For eg . My name is Himani . Than next answer will be from I

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    I am confused, not that unusual for me. Can you help?


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      Means my name is Himani and my name meaning is Parvati . Its a Indian goddess . If you want to search your . You can visit here . I have selected my indian names from here?


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        Still confused here


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          Very nice game. But i don't get what should i write here.... My name or place? I understood that i should reply as per the last person's answer. But theses people did not answered anything. So Really confused . I know there are lots of places starts from F.. As my name is fernand pol. I knew there are lots of tourist attractions in India where its name starts from F. But currently my mind is blank and still having confused.
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            My name means favor or grace.