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  • Regarding a New Writing Group

    Hey there! Words of Prey is a new group here on Rhymezone and on Facebook, among other social media; and it's WIDE OPEN.
    Please contribute anything you like? I just wanted a platform where ALL writers from ALL backgrounds could share videos of spoken word,
    or music for songwriting and poetry slams, lyrical excerpts, free verses, stories & MUCH more.

    I'm not intentionally being melodramatic, but it has always hurt me that written artists seem to be less supported in MODERN mainstream society than visual artists. The beauty of literature has been an art form since individuals during the Renaissance introduced various forms of art. I think it's VERY important that we work toward strengthening the connection between poetry/spoken word, and a modern society that seems to have lost the value of these arts.

    I just started something for us and I LOVE the pieces I always get to read here in the forums with you all (Especially Bobby. My goodness!)
    Please, join me in embracing a new voice? I don't think I could ever be thankful enough. Thank you in advance, Word Wizards! procrastinating..jpg
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    hello! I can contribute some poetry 😄


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      Originally posted by lunar glide View Post
      hello! I can contribute some poetry 😄
      Awesome! Thank you so much! One can access the group by going to the Groups page. You should see "Words of Prey's 1st Public Poetry Thread!"


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        I would like to join a new writing group. I think it would be good to have a place where people can express themselves and get feedback. I am not good at writing and sometimes I don't know what to say or how to say it. Visit this site for best writing tips. I am also interested in other people's opinions about my writing and how they could improve it. Also, I would like to learn more about writing by reading books and articles about it.


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          This is a good idea but I see it was posted in 2016 and there's seem to be no link to it, it's a pity