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Teens... you gotta love them!

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  • Teens... you gotta love them!

    It's the final day of Spirit Week at my son's high school—Colour Day—where each grade wears their designated colour to the school assembly this afternoon. My son, grade 11 (tall, gangly kid... stands a head above most of the other kids in his class), left our house this morning wearing red buffalo check flannel p.j. bottoms, red plaid button down shirt over a red t-shirt, red silk tie, old canvas sneakers he painted last night—red with white stripes—a bright red sports jacket (70's style polyester leisure suit... a treasure found at a second-hand store.) He topped off his understated ensemble with a red plaid fedora.

    He rides public transit for the 30-minute trip to school.

    A part of me feels oddly proud this morning...

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    No photo necessary Piper. Although that would add to our pleasure at the thought and your write. Be proud Mama


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      No photo, but not for lack of trying. As soon as I grabbed my camera, he bolted out the front door yelling, "No pictures, MOM! I don't want anyone to see me dressed up..." (Right... On his way to the bus stop, presumable with a driver and passengers on board... then to a school... filled with 2500 other kids...)

      Ya, I'm proud that he's growing into a confident young man (who never takes himself too seriously!)


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        Awesome; he has strong self esteem and a sense of fun...


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          Great story. It is fun to be a teen, at least it was for me.


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            Congratulations to you and your son, pf. Nothing beats watching your child engage!