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Did writing poems help you? It sure helped me!

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  • Did writing poems help you? It sure helped me!

    Thousands of thoughts are in my head every moment of the day. I don't speak much in everyday life, but that doesn't mean I don't have anything to say.
    This year I began to translate all my thoughts, ideas, opinions in ''funny'' poems. People seem to like them.

    Writing poems, jokes and overall playing with the language helped me a lot. Finally, I have a platform to express myself.

    I haven't found full on peace yet, there are still thousands of thoughts running through my head, analystics of the world we live in, ideas about short jokes and vague lines, the folks in my life which I care about, this girl who looked in the eyes and smiled at me, She is nice. maybe I should stare her awkwardly more often, that brief moment of contact between her and me made me feel peaceful...

    Whatever, how has writing poetry helped YOU?

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    In a word - release. Words really ramble around in my brain - working themselves into phrases - often in cadence. It's like singing w/out staff and notation - all just wanting to be let out.


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      ME! ME! I started writing poetry around 8, not knowing the amazingness it would bring me some day. I abandoned poetry when I was 10 because i would write weird poems about dorky stuff. I came back to it about a month ago and started writing down feelings. Depression. Happiness. Sadness. Anger. everything. mostly depression. Anyways. It helped me get out feelings and feel better about my life.


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        writing helps me whenever I'm lonely


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          it helps me to relax and not to think about my work


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            yes, but i don`t like to share them with people