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  • Snow-bound!

    Waiting for the roads to be plowed... Here I sit, in a tiny motor inn hotel, after 14 inches of snow fell over night (which was not in the forecast!) Can't go north to get to the school where I am scheduled to be working today... can't go south to get home... so here I shall sit until the roads are passable. Hey, I'm not complaining! I'm safe and warm... could have been stuck in a snowdrift somewhere along the highway! Now the forecast is calling for another 5-10 inches of snow throughout the day— so I guess I'll be here a while!

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    Hmm being from Texas the whole situation has been romanticized for me. Being "snowed in" is a situation I won't get to experience in Austin, but for some reason think I'd like to some day!

    Hope you have a good book with you


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      In my opinion, being snowed in is not an unpleasant situation in the least — so long as you're warm and have enough food for a day or two... and the situation resolves before your food runs out! The danger in these situations is when people strike out on the roads too soon, and find themselves stuck in blizzard conditions. I'm speaking of highway travel during heavy snow events... If I'm at home in the city, it's an inconvenience (not being able to get out and move around 'till streets are cleared) but typically not dangerous as help is usually minutes away. Worst case scenario, a number of years ago we had a blizzard/storm "of the century" (as the headlines all shouted!) where my hometown of Winnipeg was literally hit two consecutive weather systems and snowbound afterward for 5 days (picture snow drifts as high as bungalow rooftops.) Power was disrupted, and people lost electric and phone service. The only way to get around was by snow mobile, and the hospitals all put out emergency bulletins over the radio for people with snow mobiles to help transport people needing emergency help! On the flip side... I was once snowbound while at a job location in a remote fly-in community in the far northern part of my province. I happened to have had the very good luck of staying in a local fishing lodge... beautiful, rustic lodge with enormous fire place, homemade meals... really... Heavenly! (The community was God's Lake... kid you not!) I was sorry to see the end of that particular snow event!