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  • Tips For Online Orders & Payments

    Hi, I kinda need your idea for this. At present, I'm managing a small fashion store. I'm afraid to get defrauded. I have known that a relative with same business encountered problems with orders and payments. I keep on thinking how that things happened but I can be a victim too. So I want to find a solution before it happens to our store. I'd like to accept credit cards especially on mobile transactions but I want to use the highest methods of security. How I can monitor online orders also? Could that be possible? I would greatly appreciate any tips that you know.

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    Hello Anne, I don't know a particular company but there are credit card processing company that offers a software/system to business owners. They provide packages that includes features such as mobile processing, exclusive gateway, online reporting, etc.


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      Thanks for the response. I have seen a provider who offers the services you mentioned and we would like to consider a lot of things before we actually commit since the money involved is enough for us to look into the pros and cons on a much deeper way.