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  • Depressing...

    It's so depressing. My husband is facing financial problems with his clinic. He didn't notice right away that his clinic's denial rate and no shows have been increasing steadily these last months. Any advice on how we can attract more patients? Unless he gets really good income these next couple of months, he may have to close his clinic.

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    That is not a pleasant news. Well, to answer your question "Any advice on how we can attract more patients?" I found this article online you might want to check it out. I hope it's not too late and all the best to your husband.


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      Hi. Thank you for replying. I'll definitely check that link you shared. We went to a consultant and he recommended that my husband install this software. I think he said it'll help him monitor his denials and no shows. We're still considering it though. What do you think?

      HealthFusion's medical practice management software works seamlessly from scheduling appointments to managing claims, the entire process is integrated & automated.


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        I have no idea whatsoever (I'm not a techie) but it's a good thing that you have an option that can help you with your current business situation.


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            I'm not sure oils will help in this situation, really, can you even make an effort??