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  • Team Building in March!

    I head one of our department's teams. This coming March we are going to have a team building in some posh resort. Three days and three nights. All expenses paid by our company, of course. I've been given free hand to do whatever I think is best for my team. I've been planning our schedule, trying to come up with good games and activities, etc.

    Any recommendations, tips and advice on how I can give my team the best stress-free, fun and memorable team building of their lives? I'm also open to all suggestions when it comes to the games and activities? What do you think are good prizes and giveaways?

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    Have you considered asking the team of how they would want the team building to be? Their expectations perhaps? I think you should also give them the chance to tell you what their thoughts are because they are the main reason why the activity will be done in the first place. Just a thought from me.


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      So you're saying that I should ask my team what they want to do? I've already asked them and all they said that as long as there's great food, they're happy.

      I'm thinking about buying one of the sets here and having it as one of our games. I think it's sort of like a personality test. Maybe we can work out everyone's strengths and weakness so we are more productive. What do you think?

      What about us cooking our own food? At least for one meal. I can ask the resort ahead of time what ingredients they should buy.


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        The group cook could be a good idea since it sounds like they like food. I am not sure where the resort is but there are probably at least a few fun geocaches that could be done in the area. If you pick a multi it will have multiple stages and each team member could lead there own stage until the group finds the final stage.


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          You have to put in mind the goals of your team building activity, what do you want to achieve and develop among your co-workers. When coming up with an activity be sure to relate it with the struggles your employees are experiencing in their daily routines and make sure that the exercises are not too physically demanding. Ensure that everyone can participate, learn and have fun.


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            Hi guys! We had our team building last weekend ... yes, that was a long planning for me. I ended up getting some activities from the site I mentioned, but I did not really get their package. We had relays and balloon tower making. It was a lot of fun. The cook out was good too! We had some group sessions, so that those who are working together on specific projects can bond. I noticed that most bonding is done over food, which gives me a good insight for future activities