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  • HE;P Book concept

    So I've been working on this book, amd I was wandering about human interest.
    It reads like a novel, but strikes the reader as a poem because it mostly rhymes throughout, Started out as seperate disconjoined poems about life I had wrote, but then I smushed them altogether and made a story of it.
    Having trouble though, as I was reading an article about attention spans. It occurred to me that to keep the reader interested it might be better to seperate the poems, or tell it as a straight story...
    Also having trouble with ending it, I want it to end happily and inspirational, but as it's the story of my life and my life has yet to find that happy ending, I'm having alot of trouble. I want to finish it badly though.
    I just know it'll help out others with depression...

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    Here are some suggestions/thoughts...
    1. I write a lot. The majority of it will never be read. The minority of it that is read is only read by very few people. But my primary goal in writing is to express myself, my experiences, my ideas, my emotions... I do that as best as I can and avoid catering to my theoretical audience.
    2. If you successfully waded through the bs in point 1 then here is point 2: I do want my writings to be read by others because I am made known through my writings. I want others to know who I am because we exist as social beings in relation to others. So to be known is to exist in a fuller way. I think. I think it is the reason that people generally want to be popular and/or have friends. Emily Dickinson might disagree with me.
    3. If you successfully waded through the BS in points 1 and 2 then here is point 3: If you really want to write something publishable or have a wide audience then I think that the focus needs to be directed toward the craft of writing. It's hard! And unfortunately... You have to follow a lot of rules. Read lots and lots of the classic short stories and novels. You can probably find a good list online. And keep in mind that the quality of your writing is not necessarily what makes it publishable. Half of what James Joyce wrote, though perhaps brilliant, was only published because he was such a well-established author. Here is a really good book to try out: “A Writer’s Workshop: Imitating Your Way to Better Writing,” by Gregory Roper.
    BTW – Helping others is such a great motive for writing! But I still think that helping others is a secondary, accidental effect of the art, which primarily and essentially must be an expression of yourself. If that happens to help people, and I believe it will, then you have and will make the world a better place.


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      Thank you.
      Im not worried about it being publishable, I'ma self publish. I'm independent from agencies, long story short, I dont like them.
      I should've been clearer though. My issue specifically is with whether I should break it down to specific poems or 'chapters,' or leave it as a solid thought block.
      And I haven't read everything but I consider myself extremely well-read. I read daily and have since I was young. Sometimes finishing two books a day, and I hate repeating books I so rarely do and only do if it was particularly enjoyable.
      No, I'm trying to do as my brother told me. He said when I show people my soul everyone falls in love, he said I should find a way to show everybody my soul.
      It took quite some time and a lifestyle change and alot of tears and heartache- but I've done this. It's unlike anything ever wrote before, wait I meant to say unlike anything I've ever read before.
      So I cant compare it to other works, but I can compare it to concious thought...
      ...if that makes sense to you.
      Because to be honest with you, it doesn't make much sense to me....
      Sorry lol that was a lot, but its what was left to say. lol prolly didnt make much sense so I'm sorry.