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    If you have any fun games that you found on the internet, especially free ones please post them here.

    Here is a fun drive over zombie game. I recommend starting with the first one and working your way up.

    Here is a great game for those of you that are thinkers and problem solvers.
    Magic Pen

    Think you are skilled? Try Rock, Paper, Scissor Game!

    Here is another really fun game. It is called ZWOK and it is a free multi-player game. You are one of three players on a team that are trying to hit members of the other three man team with object that you throw (balls, bricks, tool chest, etc.). Anyway check it out and let me know what you think.


    Ok this one can use up a lot of time. It is pretty fun and it makes you think, which is not always a bad thing. I got to about level 20 before I realized I was wasting way to much time on it.

    Silver Sphere

    from pool to poker from skating to mini golf

    Candystand Wrigliy's great free games

    Another fun one worth checking out:

    Cube Field

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    This is an important thread. I like


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      Originally posted by AcidTrip View Post
      This is an important thread. I like
      I'm an avid fan of Ninja Kiwi games, especially the Bloons games.


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        I've been playing Lord of Ultima for about a year now. sadly, EA is doing away with it come May. anyone else play it? Looking for something comparable to play once it's over


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          My boyfriend introduced me to this last year. It's pretty much how I waste my time these days.


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            I have had too many internet games that I have been hooked with. From Candy Crush, to bingo games, to Kim K Hollywood and to COC. I have had too much time wasted really but I can't help it.


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              Currently addicted to Panda Pop. I play it on my mobile and in my laptop.


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                i like a play game in google, when you lost connection with internet and play jumping dragon!


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                  I was taking a gander at some of your posts on this site and I consider this site is truly informational! Keep setting up..
                  happy wheels


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                    I prefer Xbox games


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                      bullet force - The PC Gamer Top 100


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                        Really intresting informations!


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                          Don't Starve Pretty good 2D survival, yes. On the first day (real, not play) you will suffer and die, my opinion

                          Elite Dangerous is a brutal survival game set in wild space. Offline / online as far as I've heard.

                          The Forest is a first-person survival in a forest with mutants and more. Seems to support co-op play.

                          Another project is Conan Exiles.

                          I myself am looking at the online project Dark and Light with interest.


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                            I like such games
                            as for me, it is really interesting


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                              on quarantine started playing cs go, not a big fan of games but I liked this game from time to time I will play and improve my skills