Why is it that young girls know more about pregnancy,
Than algebra 2 or geometry?

Why is it...
That teenagers seem to know how to roll a blunt and hit a pipe,
Yet, Know nothing about the Mexican or Blacks civil rights strikes?

And I must ask why...
Why are we trying to force into their brains the rules and formulas of trigonometry,
When there are numerous young men and women who don't even know how to do their own laundry?

I honestly believe that everyone in our vast society,
Should start to rethink and reorganize our priorities,

They fill their days with Facebook statuses, tweets and hashtags,
But we're you to pay attention you'd see there isn't anything in their book bags,

We got kids in the middle of class getting in arguments and ridiculous fights,
So, we scold them and judge them even though we ourselves went through the same thing at one point in time,

We are trying to make this generation grow up when they still have a juvenile mentality,
Their age does not equate to their brain just as their mentality does not fit for what waits for them in reality,

How dare the world ask for us to choose one of life's big decisions,
When the majority of adolescents can't even choose between Domino's Pizza and Kentucky Fried Chicken

So yes I do ask Why?